Water Heater Repair, Service & Installation in Littleton

imagejpeg_1Having enough hot water in your home is important in handling all of life’s necessities. From bathing to dishes to laundry, almost every chore or task needs hot water to be able to be done efficiently. When you need a new water heater, you definitely want a plumber who is an expert on the different types and then who can install it quickly to get hot water back to your home! The knowledgeable and friendly plumbers at Efficient Plumbing Services in Littleton can completely help you with the installation, repair and maintenance of your new or existing water heater. If you need a new water heater for your home or business, there are many things to consider.

• How much water you use. If you use a lot of water, then you would obviously need a larger sized water heater in order for all your water needs to be met.
• The size of your home and family. The more people that live in your home, the more hot water you will need. It’s that simple. If your home is larger and your family is small, you may still want to consider the possibility of a water heater with more hot water capacity.
• What were your likes and dislikes of your previous water heater? Did your water heater take too long to heat up? Was there never enough hot water? These are all things to consider when choosing your new water heater.
• Your budget. Knowing how much you are wanting and willing to spend on a new water heater is an important part of the process. Your plumber will help you not go over budget.

Once you have answered those questions, your Efficient Pluming Services plumber will help you decide what size and what type of water heater is best for your needs. While they both come in different sizes, there are two main types of water heaters, traditional and tankless.

Traditional water heaters are the commonly found water heaters that are usually installed in a closet or garage. These tanks come in different sizes and work by heating the water inside the tank, which is then held until you use it. Once you use water, the tank then works hard again to heat up new water. This process continues every time water is used so that you can hopefully always have hot water when you need it. Efficient Plumbing Services can help you make sure you have the right sized tank for your hot water needs.

Whichever type of water heater you decide on, you can thoroughly trust the experts at Efficient Plumbing Services of Littleton for the installation, repair and maintenance of your water heater.