5 Simple Tips For A Common Plumbing Issue

posted on July 23, 2014

Common plumbing issues Residential plumbers get many emergency calls about slow moving drains and sometimes the sink strainer is completely worn out and needs to be replaced. According to the plumbing of Littleton experts, anyone can install kitchen sink strainers, either before or after the sink is installed.  Installing them first will prove somewhat easier … Continue reading “5 Simple Tips For A Common Plumbing Issue”

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Clear A Stopped Up Toilet

posted on July 3, 2014

Clogged toilets Early model 1.6 gpm (gallons per minute) toilets may need to be replaced, according to the most referred Littleton plumber.  Old toilets sometimes stop up because the waterway was made with a very rough unfinished porcelain.  This roughness, according to research, grabs at the toilet paper, slowing the flush.  According to your local Littleton … Continue reading “Clear A Stopped Up Toilet”

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Keep Your Kids Drinking Water

posted on June 25, 2014

Kids need water Water lubricates the joints, cools the system, and makes muscles work efficiently and organs function properly. It’s the main fluid in blood, aiding the passage of nutrients throughout the body. Doctors have found that if you get your kids to drink more water it reduces the chance for constipation. If a child … Continue reading “Keep Your Kids Drinking Water”

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Most Homeowners Can Make Minor Plumbing Repairs

posted on June 16, 2014

Understanding your water cycle The fresh water that enters your home originates in one of two sources:  surface water or groundwater.  Surface water supplies, according to the experts at Littleton plumbing, include lakes, streams, rivers and artificial storage reservoirs.  Groundwater comes from natural underground caverns or from aquifers – porous, water-saturated layers of gravel, sand, … Continue reading “Most Homeowners Can Make Minor Plumbing Repairs”

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